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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ombre Your Wedding!

Ombre has become increasingly popular in the fashion and styling industries, but what is it exactly? According to WiseGeek, "In fashion, the term ombre refers to the graduation of color in a garment. The term usually refers to a garment that is monochromatic but has a graduated variation in the saturation of the color. For example, a green ombre dress may be very pale green at the hem. The fabric becomes deeper in color as it reaches from the bottom hem to the shoulder straps at the top of the dress, where the color might be a very deep forest green." The same concept can be applied to hair coloring where the color transitions from dark to light with no harsh transition line. Here are some examples:
When it comes to your wedding there are numerous ways to add color variation and personal touches! Your decor, cake, flowers, and attire are the key elements just waiting to be ombred! Let's start with personal attire. From your nails and jewelry to your dresses, there are plenty of ways to ombre! Think of your bridesmaid dresses as a color palette instead of something that needs to be traditionally identical. If your color palette consists of several complimenting colors, or numerous shades of one color, pass your palette along to your maids and let them chose their color and style of dress! Think of it as a very mild form of color blocking (which we have been seeing a lot of lately with more bold, vibrant colors i.e. Vogue)
You could even ombre your gown, as Gwen Stefani did with hers!
Now think about all of the other elements of your day that welcome your personal touches in terms of color and personal preference. Your seating chart
Your cake
Your flowers
Imagine your reception table linens being carefully selected to create an ombre look sweeping over your room, so that as your guests enter the room they are surrounded by tables in one color, and as they continue to walk the tables change in color as well. Like this, but on a MUCH grander scale:
Ombre isn't for everyone, but if it strikes your fancy have fun with it! Happy Planning from all of us at As You Wish