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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cecilia & Brian

Cecilia and Brian were such a fun couple to work with as we were planning their October 8th wedding! Cecilia was a very detail oriented bride that carefully thought through each detail of the day, while Brian was very concerned with the liveliness of the reception. In short, they were a perfect match, and the As You Wish team was thrilled to be a part of their wedding day!

They had a traditional Filipino wedding ceremony at Holy Angels Catholic Church complete with 12 primary sponsors, 4 secondary sponsors, and a bridal party of 15 which included 5 adorable youngsters.

The couple chose vibrant variations of green, orange, and purple to encompass their wedding day. Floral design was done by Daevid's who used elegant cone shaped glass pew markers to line the ceremony aisle with green Fuji mums and spicy orange roses. The bride carried a nosegay style bouquet of green Fuji mums, vendella roses, spicy orange lilies and roses, and purple stock with delicate touches of green hypericum berries. Her maids carried a similar bouquet with the addition of green hydrangea.

Moments before she walked down the aisle the bride was surprised to see her uncle, (who is a priest in the Philippines) had flown in to preform the ceremony. This was such a touching moment to be a part of!!

The groom custom designed their programs

Their reception took place at the Portsmouth Renaissance Hotel, and was accented with gorgeous uplighting courtesy of Blue Steel Pro Lighting which included a gobo design in the likeness of the groom's custom stationary pieces

including the seating chart

They chose a cupcake display in place of traditional tiered wedding cake, with a Patti Cakes cake topper that proudly displayed the groom's favorite past time. At the end of the evening the cupcakes were placed into to go containers for the guests to take home with them. Another thoughtful touch courtesy of our bride Cecilia!

We have seen quite a few variations of the traditional bouquet and garter removal and toss, but this poor groom definitely took home the prize! He needed a little help getting to the bride, but once he did he managed to do just fine!

Guests were also treated to The Traveling Photo Booth

And a delicious french fry and sweet potato fry bar!

Cecilia and Brian were such a fun couple to work with, and we were honored to be a part of their special day!

Special thanks to Rebecca Keeling Studios for capturing and sharing these memories, especially this little gem

Cecilia and Brian, we wish you the best! xoxo ❤ As You Wish

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Have you repined today?

Wikipedia describes Pinterest as "a vision board-styled social photo sharing website and app where users can create and manage theme-based image collections," while most of my friends and colleagues describe it as an amazingly expansive and equally addictive collection of images and ideas that will suck you in for hours at a time. Regardless of how many ways you slice it, Pinterest is devoted to bringing users together to share common interests. Sounds pretty...simple. In reality though, it's not simple at all. Take nail polish for example. There really isn't a whole lot of thought that goes into painting your nails, right? Wrong. If you search nail art on Pinterest you will suddenly be introduced to hundreds of creative nail art ideas that are so interesting and unique they make painting your nails all one glossy color seem quite boring.

The great thing about this site is that it appeals to so many different tastes and types of people. Let's take home decor as another example. Need some inspiration to decorate your mantle for the holidays? Pinterest could give you a different decor idea for all 31 days of December for the next 5 years! The decor boards of Pinterest can also appeal to a realtor who has an open house and needs some help with decor accents to place throughout the home. The appeal is endless! Having a dinner party, or looking for 50 different ways to make a cheeseburger? Pinterest has got you covered on that too!

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog entry...planning a Pinterest Wedding!!
Pinterest is an amazing tool for the wedding industry! Magazines and wedding blogs are great, don't get me wrong, but clients are fed the images in the order that the author prefers, not necessarily in the order that the reader might prefer. A bride may be inspired by images she sees in a bridal magazine, but there is a really great chance she can't plan her entire wedding around one bridal magazine or blog post. She can however create a Pinterest account and search for "Southern Virginia Wedding" "Beach Wedding" "Peacock Wedding" etc. to find endless images to help her create her very own wedding day elements! The bride can then print out the board and share it with her team of wedding professionals, or share it with them on the site if they have a Pinterest account as well. If you already have a Pinterest account, and would like to follow us our name is asyouwishva.

Not sure how you want your hair to look on your wedding day? Throw a Pinterest board together and take it to your hair stylist for a trial run to see which one works best with your hair type and style of dress! Not sure what type of bouquet you want, or what flowers look good in a bouquet with tulips? Pinterest has got you covered! Here are some great images pulled from the site to give you an idea of the range of inspiration Pinterest has to offer:

From all of us at As You Wish, Happy Wedding Planning!